Summer Fun Loan

Relax and Enjoy Your Summer
With a Summer Fun Loan



  • Member in good standing with Printing Industries Credit Union with 1 year of membership
  • Printing Industries Credit Union checking account
  • Direct Deposit or minimum Payroll Deduction of $250
  • Proof of income
  • Automatic loan payment required from your Printing Industries Credit Union savings or checking account
  • One Promo Loan per household – minimum loan amount $1,000, maximum loan amount $2,500
  • Rate is 18% APR* with auto payment from your PICU savings/checking account or 25% APR* without auto payment
  • Maximum term 12 months
  • NO credit check required

Call a PICU Representative at 951.781.0981 today to apply for your Tax Loan today.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Expires September 30, 2021.  Additional documentation may be required after application is submitted, i.e. w2, tax returns, written verification from employer.