Additional Access Services

You can move your Printing Industries Credit Union funds in and out of the credit union with ease.

Direct Deposit

Have your payments, including tax refunds and most payroll, and Social Security checks electronically deposited into your Printing Industries Credit Union checking or savings accounts. Not only will you receive your money quicker, but you’ll save yourself an extra trip to the credit union. You can also use direct deposit to make pre-authorized payments to your Printing Industries Credit Union loans or MasterCard® Credit Card.

Money Orders

A Money Order is a popular way to pay in instances where you need to pay someone who doesn’t accept checks or electronic payments, Not only are they generally accepted like cash, but they never expire.

  • Can be issued for any amount up to $1,000
  • Must be purchased in person with available funds
  • Member must sign and complete address information for money order at the time of purchase
  • A fee of $3.00 is charged for each money order

How to set up Direct Deposit

Contact your employer’s payroll office to find out if Direct Deposit is available. If Direct Deposit is available, complete a Direct Deposit form from your company using the following Printing Industries Credit Union information:

Printing Industries Credit Union’s ABA Routing Transit Number 322078590
Printing Industries Credit Union Address 4333 Orange Street
Suite 100
Riverside, CA 92501
Printing Industries Credit Union Phone Number 951-781-0981 or 328-728-1866
Your Printing Industries Credit Union Account Number