2019 CEO Report

2019 was a Year of New Technology, 2020 will be a Year of Membership Growth

The Board of Directors and staff of Printing Industries Credit Union are pleased to report that 2019 was a year of technology growth in the Credit Union.

In June 2019, the Credit Union launched Remote Deposit to make life and banking easier for our members. Remote Deposit is a huge time-saver, as it empowers you to deposit checks any time from virtually anywhere—using your camera-equipped smart phone.  With the remodel of our Riverside Branch and the adding a new Cash Recycler in September 2019, the Credit Union is able to better serve our member’s financial transactions in a more expedient and efficient manner.

Throughout the year, we continued to meet members’ borrowing needs with competitive rates and low fees. Loans for pre-owned vehicles were in high demand, as members took advantage of the credit union’s offer to defer loan payments for 90 days.  Also, to help members consolidate and pay off credit card debt in 2019, the Credit Union offered attractive low rates on balance transfers, and unlike most banks and credit unions, we charge no balance transfer fee.  Keeping your credit union operating on a foundation of capital strength allows us to expand services to better serve your changing financial needs. In 2019, the Credit Union’s capital strength was demonstrated by an increase in member capital of nearly $250,000.

The Credit Union truly believes in the cooperative spirit of credit unions. We are one of the few credit unions in the Riverside area that welcomes and serves members from other credit unions at our branches.  In 2019 Shared Branch transactions increased and the staff at the Credit Union continued to give excellent service to the Credit Union members and the Shared Branch members.  We also continue partnerships, as with TruStage Insurance® to offer members discounts on a wide range of insurance needs, and with Sprint® through the “Love My Credit Union” Rewards Program, which offers members substantial savings on mobile phone services.

Looking to 2020 and beyond, the Credit Union plans to increase membership.  We will upgrade the Credit Union’s mobile banking to included balance alerts, stop lost debit or credit cards, review of monthly statements, and much more.  Other new technology in 2020 is Person 2 Person, Person 2 Person allows our members to transfer money from their account at the Credit Union to another financial institution.

Thank you for your membership and for trusting Printing Industries Credit Union to serve the financial needs of you and your family.


Signature of Susan Conjurski, CEO
Susan Conjurski, CEO