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Car Loan Refinance

If you have a loan with another lender, you may be paying too much money on interest-and even more on monthly payments! You may find that refinancing your car loan may save you money over the life of your loan.

Here are some other reasons to refinance your loan with PICU:

  To lower your monthly payment and put more money back in your pocket    each month.
  To use the equity in your car to pay off high interest debt.
  To add or remove a signer on an existing loan.

Refinance Your Loan:



Auto Equity Loan

You can use your car's equity to access a low-cost source of money with at a low, fixed rate. An Auto Equity Loan is available to you if your car's value is greater than your outstanding loan balance.

Example: If you currently have a car that is worth $30,000, but the amount left on your outstanding loan is only $22,000, you can refinance your loan for $30,000 and "cash-out" the additional $8,000.

Use the cash-out amount for anything-pay off high rate debt, go on a trip or make home repairs.

Apply for an Auto Equity Loan: